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The miniSTEP is a temperature controller designed specifically for the free-standing greenhouse. The four-stage electronic thermostat is packed full of features, but priced to be economical for even the smallest greenhouse. Any kind of mechanical environmental equipment can be controlled by the miniStep. It is easy to install and to operate. Once the unit is installed, the miniSTEP unit will take command of heating and cooling equipment. System comes preprogrammed with settings for one heat and three cooling stages. miniSTEP benefits include uniform plant growth, reduced fuel costs, increased manpower productivity and simplified programming.


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Wadsworth's newest staged control. This 6-stage control has an innovative new design that is very user friendly. It has more features than our traditional line of staged controls (STEP 50a and STEP 500), yet it is even more affordable.

Better Control

This control has 3 setpoint periods, DIF, Day and Night. These can be set based on solar activity so your day period starts at sunrise or you can set the periods to start at a specific clock time such as 8am.

Easy Operation

It is as simple as turning a knob and pressing the select/save button. There is a Help button if you ever want more information but people are calling this the easiest to use control on the market.

Timed Override

This is Wadsworth's first control to offer timed override. Simply push the button next to a stage and you're given the opportunity to set a specific time for that stage to be forced on or forced off.  We added this feature because growers told us they often forgot to return the manual override switches to the automatic position. One grower who closely monitors his energy consumption reported a 40% spike in energy consumption one night because he had manually uncovered his curtain and forgot to return it to the automatic mode.

Enhanced Display

A large LCD screen and oversized font displays current temperature, time, date, sunrise, sunset, set point, grow week, and the trigger temperature for each stage.


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Wadsworth EnviroSTEP provides the benefits of computerized control for one environment. With the EnviroSTEP you can control not only the temperature, but also humidity, shade curtains, lighting, black cloth and watering. In addition to separate day and night climate settings, EnviroSTEP offers an optional "dif" period for growth control and includes ramping to let you make a gradual change in settings from one period to the next.



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Wadsworth’s VersiSTEP is a fully integrated computerized control. It provides 24 outputs for multi-zone control. If your application calls for more than just the basic VersiSTEP, add the optional expansion unit and get 16 more controlled outputs without the cost of a second computer. Also combine the VersiSTEP with the EnviroSTEP and microSTEP/SA controls on a single network that provides powerful yet economical control for large ranges.


The VersiSTEP’s 24 relay outputs operate most any greenhouse equipment system. Heating, cooling, light level, CO2, irrigation and misting are all at your fingertips.





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