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GreenGroTM Greenhouse Heaters

Designed specifically for greenhouse heating, the GreenGro's advanced technology saves you fuel costs while delivering a CO2 enriched environment that exceeds all greenhouse combustion and safety standards.

Lower Fuel Costs, Greater Efficiency

The GreenGro's patent-pending design combines advanced performance and superior fuel efficiency to reduce energy costs and grow profits.

  • 20%+ burn efficiency

  • 99.97% fuel conversion efficiency

  • 25% more efficient than vented heaters

  • Maximum heat output per fuel dollar

Superior Heat Management

All GreenGro heaters take advantage of L.B. White's proven direct spark ignition for dependable start up and efficient, automated operation.

  • Quick response on-demand heat

  • No standing pilot to light

  • Powerful blower fan with long heat throw

  • Easy integration with building controls

In addition, GreenGro Plus models offer several extra features for even greater fuel and heat management efficiencies, including:

  • Two stage temperature control

  • Heating and air circulation modes

  • Tri-Shield triple coated protection against case corrosion

CO2  Enriched Environment

The GreenGro not only saves you money on heating costs; it also delivers all the benefits of a highly efficient CO2 generator, providing 1250 ppm concentration in only 15 minutes of full output, and 950 ppm at first stage output.

Location Flexibility

Only L.B. White offers you the choice of indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Efficient cabinet design offers multiple indoor location options

  • Easy to install outdoor mounting kit saves growing space (generally recommended for locations south of Chicago, IL)

Trouble-free Performance Backed by a 10-Year Warranty

With GreenGro, fully enclosed electronic controls, gas valve and motor are standard.  There's no expensive heat exchanger to fix or replace.  And safety features include a totally enclosed frame, built-in temperature protection, and air flow safety devices.

With heat-treated, corrosion-resistant components and a rugged, heavy gauge steel cabinet, all GreenGro heaters offer a comprehensive one-year product warranty, plus a 10-year warranty against heat chamber and case corrosion.








GreenGroTM Greenhouse Heaters GreenGro120 or 120 Plus GreenGro 220 or 220 Plus
Btu/hr. Rating (Input/Output):    


120,000 220,000

Intermediate (Plus Models Only)

65,000 120,000
Heater Configuration:    

Direct Spark Ignition

Yes Yes

Centrifugal Blower Fan

Yes Yes
Air Movement (cfm): 1,100 1,750
Heat/Air Circulation Switch:    


-- --

GreenGrow Plus

Yes Yes
Fuel Consumption:    

Liquid Propane Gas (lbs./hr.) Maximum/Intermediate

6.8 / 3.0 10.2 / 5.6

Natural Gas (cu.ft./hr.) Maximum/Intermediate

117.0 / 63.0 215.0 / 117.0
Electrical Requirements (Volts/Hz/Phase): 115 / 60 / 1 220 / 60 / 1

Starting/Continuous Amps

11.8 / 4.5 10.5 / 3.5
Combustion Air Requirements:    

Indoor Installation (cu.ft./min.)

300 550

Outdoor Installation (in? of exit area)

120 220
Combustion Performance:

U.S. Standards for Heater Discharge:


CO (ppm rise)

5.0 1.5 1.5

NO2 (ppm rise)

.5 .4 .4

CO2 (ppm)

4,000 3,000 3,000

Ethylene (ppm)

.015 .005 .005
Air Temperature Rise (Fahrenheit): 110? 120?
Minimum Clearance (ft.):    


1 / 1 / 1 1 / 1 / 1
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Blower Outlet

6 6


30.8 x 18.3 x 28.3 36.0 x 22.0 x 30.0
Net Weight (lbs.): 116 150
Steel Case Material:    


Galvanized Galvanized

Green Grow Plus

Exclusive Tri-shield coating Exclusive Tri-shield coating
Installations Options:    

Indoor Mount

Yes Yes

Outdoor Mount

Yes Yes
Model Product Number Description


120 (Inside Mount) 560-0201

Heater, motorized inlet shutter, exhaust fan w/shutter and eyebolts with chain


120N (Inside Mount) 560-1202
120 (Outside Mount) 560-1211

Heater, gravity exhaust shutter and outdoor mount kit


120N (Outside Mount) 560-1212
220 (Inside Mount) 560-2201

Heater, motorized inlet shutter, exhaust fan w/shutter and eyebolts with chain


220N (Inside Mount) 560-2201
220 (Outside Mount) 560-2211

Heater, gravity exhaust shutter and outdoor mount kit


220N (Outside Mount) 560-2212
120 Plus (Inside Mount) 560-1231

Heater, motorized inlet shutter, exhaust fan w/shutter and eyebolts with chain


120N Plus (Inside Mount) 560-1232
120 Plus (Outside Mount) 560-1241

Heater, gravity exhaust shutter and outdoor mount kit


120N Plus (Outside Mount) 560-1242
220 Plus (Inside Mount) 560-2231

Heater, motorized inlet shutter, exhaust fan w/shutter and eyebolts with chain


220N Plus (Inside Mount) 560-2232
220 Plus (Outside Mount) 560-2241

Heater, gravity exhaust shutter and outdoor mount kit


220N Plus (Outside Mount) 560-2242




Greenhouse Heater Accessories

Product Number

Product Description


Installation Kits:

Models 120


Indoor Mount Kit for GreenGro 120



Outdoor Mount Kit for GreenGro 120


Models 220


Indoor Mount Kit for GreenGro 220



Outdoor Mount Kit for GreenGro 220


Eyebolts and chains to hang indoor units


Temperature Controls (Low Voltage):

Thermostat for 120 and 220 models


Nema 4X


Thermostat for 120 Plus and 220 Plus models


2 Stage Nema 4X (Needed to take advantage of two stage output fuel efficiencies if house control not present.)


Gas Flow:

Regulators (LP)


For 120 and 220 Models


Regulators (Nat)


For 120 and 220 Models


Gas Hose


?" x 10'


Piping Hardware


Gas shut-off, pipe and pipe compound




Contact All-American Associates, Inc. for a quotation including QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and freight charges.

Additional discounts are available for quantity orders and Commercial Growers.  Lead times: from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending upon availability and time of year.


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