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Ludvig Svensson, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of greenhouse environment screens. They offer over 60 different screens for many diverse greenhouse environment applications. We are able to provide custom quotations for any Ludvig Svensson product..

The most common indoor “Firebreak” shade / energy shield product is Ludvig Svensson’s TEMPA closed structure material. This is an improved version of Ludvig Svensson’s well-known XLS range of climate screens. The intention of the FIREBREAK technology is to limit screen-to-screen fire spread. There is a firebreak section along both edges of each screen. Therefore, the firebreak area is effectively doubled across two adjacent screens. This TEMPA FIREBREAK should be used in flat, sliding systems containing fire-resistant support wires to achieve the intended fire-limiting performance. Ludvig Svensson has developed the firebreak technology without sacrificing the properties of high efficiency in shading, retaining heat, preventing condensation and transporting excess water vapor.

Fabric Only


Product Number 0 - 9,999 Sq.Ft. 10,000 - 39,999 Sq.Ft. 40,000 + Sq.Ft. Standard Widths

TEMPA 6562 D FB (Firebreak)








TEMPA 6360 FR (Fire-Resistant)*





* Subject to Availabilty

Shade cloth is generally available in standard widths that may be sewn together to provide the desired width.  Length may generally be any distance.  Shade cloth manufactures/fabricators have the ability to provide shade cloth with custom widths, lengths, tape, grommets, hemmed edges, and hems for rope installation.  Other custom features, including irregular shapes, are available and may be of benefit to you.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your custom shade cloth needs.

Please note:  All special order, custom cut and/or fabricated orders are not returnable.


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