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Multi-Outlet Dripper Pot Watering Systems


Valuable Production Tool

With the growing demands of today's high production scale operations, hand watering is no longer a viable option.  An automated Netafim MOD (multi-outlet dripper) watering system is the perfect solution.



Higher Crop Values

Improved water and fertilizer uniformity generate a highly uniform, top quality crop that yields higher profits.  Netafim's MODs feature pressure compensation and a built-in check valve.  This combination of features (referred to as PCNL) is the highest level of technology available in drippers today.  It ensures that all plants receive exactly the same amount of water and fertilizer regardless of where the plants are located in the system.  Each dripper adjusts itself automatically to system pressure and elevation so that even on rolling or sloped ground, the uniformity of watering is 94%.  The built-in check valve prevents unwanted drainage of the system onto the lowest plants when the watering cycle is completed.



Less Disease

Water on foliage and flowers can spread disease rapidly.  By applying water directly to the pot, the rest of the plant remains dry.  Additionally, pesticides applied  to the foliage are not washed off by daily watering.  This can decrease run-off contamination and reduce the need for spraying, further lowering production costs.



Flexible and Portable

The 4-way flat manifold separates for easy storage or transport in a box.  Since the MOD is removable from the dripper supply tubing and bench, moving in the next crop on an empty bench is quick and easy.  The dripper supply tubing (with the dripper attached) can be rolled up without tangling the tubes.  If a different plant spacing or a different flow per pot is desired, simply change or add a manifold.




Spray Stakes

Product Advantages:

  • Spray Stakes are specifically designed for the container shape, producing a uniform and accurate wetting pattern.

  • Excellent uniformity means a fast-growing, evenly sized crop.

  • Eliminates water and fertilizer run-off between plants.

  • Wets the entire container from top down and is ideal for bark-based growing media.

  • Pressure compensating spray stakes achieve up to 94% uniformity - even on slopes.

  • High levels of UV inhibitors provide durability in direct sunlight and years of reliable service.

  • Three flow rates are available for maximum design versatility - each with individual shut-off capabilities.

  • Standard with Super Flex UV White Polyethylene tubing - a soft 5/3mm tubing with improved flexibility and full UV resistance.  It  is also completely opaque to prevent algae growth.





Sprinkler Systems


Valuable Production Tool

Automating with Netafim sprinklers instead of hand watering bedding plants, seedlings and potted perennials reduces labor costs and improves efficiency and plant quality.



Low Cost And Fast Payback

Netafim sprinklers are affordably priced, and payback for a system is usually within the first season of operation.



Durability And Low Maintenance

All sprinklers are made from the highest quality plastics with excellent UV resistance.  These anti-acid plastics will not crack when exposed to normal greenhouse pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in a longer life with fewer maintenance issues.



Highly Uniform Watering

A traditional sprinkler layout spaces the sprinklers "head to head," or at a spacing equal to the radius of the sprinkler throw.  For larger areas, patterns are overlapped, creating both wet and dry areas.  The Netafim solution avoids the problems of the traditional sprinkler layout and achieves a high level of uniformity within a closely spaced "strip of sprinklers."  By laying out these "strips" side-by-side, large areas can be covered uniformly.  (See diagrams to the right.)



Drip-less Sprinklers

SpinNet Sprinklers are constructed without a "bridge" to retain the spinner, producing a drip-less operation.  This means that plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler.  Sprinklers hang below the supply pipe preventing wetting of the pipe and dripping onto the plants below.




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