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PAK 1212-C

PAK 1212-C Cold Protection Fabric is a heavy duty, woven, coated polyethylene, which blocks wind and rain and helps reduce heat loss. The fabric is semitransparent and allows about 75% light transmission.

1212-Cs rugged nature makes it well suited for windy applications, and its high UV stabilization ensures a long life-span. Heat-sealed seams are available.  Call All-American Associates, Inc. for details.


  • Blocks wind and helps reduce heat loss
  • Blocks rain
  • Allows in 75% sunlight, 25% shade factor
  • Highly UV stabilized


Note: The blue strip on the left under this sample illustrates the relative opacity/transparency of Super Heavy Clear 1212-C.  See other illustrations above. 

Fabric Only


Product Number 0 - 9,999 Sq.Ft. 10,000 - 39,999 Sq.Ft. 40,000 + Sq.Ft. Standard Widths Wt. / Sq.Yd.

Super Heavy Clear 1212-C

720-3475 $0.34 $0.31

Call for Quote

6', 12' 7.0 oz

Fabricated Panels



Product Number 0 - 500 Sq.Ft. 501- 2,500 Sq.Ft. 2,501 - 9,999 Sq.Ft. 10,000 + Sq.Ft. 25,000 + Sq.Ft.

Super Heavy Clear 1212-C

720-3475 $0.55 $0.42 $0.39 $0.37 Call for Quote



Additional Information


Cold and frost control materials are generally available in standard widths that may be sewn together to provide the desired width.  Cold and frost control manufacturers/fabricators have the ability to provide custom widths, lengths, tape, grommets, hemmed edges, and hems with rope installation.  Other custom features, including irregular shapes, are available and may be of benefit to you.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your cold and frost control cloth needs.

PAK Unlimited, Inc. Surcharges Price

Minimum order charge for all orders under $500.00


Small panel charge for all panels less than 350 square feet


Re-roll charge applied to plain panels 125+ long

$0.01/sq. ft.

Centerfold charge to fold width and roll onto core

Call for Quote

Irregular shaped panel surcharge

Fitted modular cover surcharge

Custom fabrication

Irregular grommet spacing surcharge (grommet spacing other than in standard 6 increments, i.e. 6, 1, 16, 2, 26, 3, etc.) 

Please note:  All special order, custom cut and/or fabricated orders are not returnable.


Contact All-American Associates, Inc. for a quotation including QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and freight charges.


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